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I crossed the border in Chiapas, toward Yucatan.

Chiapas is an activist state, home of the National Zapatista Liberation Army. I went through two blocked roads on my way to Tulum; roads are blocked by the peasants to demand a toll because of grievances they have with the government. They gave me a flyer explaining why the blockage. I gave them a flyer too, and I explained to them that the blockages were misplaced. They should block Wall Mart and Coca Cola; the politicians are just puppets. I think they got the point: Banks and International Corporations are the problem, and everything is connected. It is a worldwide problem, and the elite has plans.

My flyer: Flyer top

I missed another blockade by hours. I could tell because a lane was still blocked by barrels and other debris. I don’t know what this had been about. Everyone was still armed with clubs and had a threatening attitude. I decided to leave before they blocked again, but I left some flyers at the gas station. Spreading the word.

Please do the same. Support my work. The more people know the less power the oligarchs will have. Grave implications.

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The Road to SLO | The Shell Oil Co . . . Amazing!

On the road

I went to San Luis Obispo, CA to try to get a review for The Eye of the Dragon in The Tribune. April used to work there; she is the lady who wrote a review for my first book, A Vagabond in Mexico. She wasn’t there anymore though. And they told me that at the moment they only review books by local authors. I had figured that that was likely to happen, nothing stays the same. But I had to give it a try; it is not far from Santa Barbara, where I’m staying at the moment.

When I arrived, I stopped at the Shell gas station to use the restroom, the one at the corner of Santa Rosa and Monterrey. The attendant, a tall, dark-haired unpleasant youth said that I couldn’t use the restroom unless I purchased gas. Isn’t that amazing! Since I wasn’t ready to purchase gas at the moment, I walked to the building across the street where they let me use their restroom.

I used to do business with Shell regularly. Not that I am looking forward to do business with any of them; they are all part of the entity that controls our government. As soon as I can I am getting an electric car . . . or a bicycle. Let’s boycott all of them.

The Foothills of San Luis Obispo

Pismo Beach, CA

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