Behind Bush and WTC’s Debris

Behind the Bushes

Are we beating around the bush? The WTC “attack” on September 11, 2001, was an inside job, so what else do we need to know? The evidence is overwhelming. Please check

Obviously, we have organized crime in control, and the head of that monster is right in front of us: Do you want peace in a sane world? Get rid of the Megabanks and their corporate allies. It’s that simple. If you are banking with Bank of America, Citibank, etcetera, complaining in social media is useless. You are feeding the monster.

Are you shopping at Walmart? Their plans are coming to fruition because of our compliance, our support. And fighting each other over meaningless elections and race issues is useless; the banksters laugh as we spill our blood.

An Open Door

The time is now. If we take the right action now, we can make a better world. If we don’t, the banksters will create zombie land.

If we don’t comply with their demands, the rot will disappear, and so will the lockdowns, the chemtrails, the plandemics, the vaccines, and the useless wars. If we comply, I hope you realize what’s coming. It may be more significant than you think, and there are worse things than dying.

Do not comply!

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