Smoking, Dangerous to your Health | Quitting Smoking

My friend Carol ( is being smothered by second hand smoke. And she is rightfully upset; second hand smoke is a killer. Are you smothering your neighbors inadvertently? This is the explicit letter she wrote:

“Dear Unit XXX:

Please be advised that all your nearby condo units are now suffering from ALL the smoking coming from your unit.  Second & Third floor units can smell the cigarettes/cigars all day/night long.  We have closed our vents; it still comes through & our units NOW reek due to your habit.  We cannot sit in our units watching tv or reading without inhaling the fumes.  Give us back our clean air.

It is hazardous, toxic, noxious, & detrimentally affecting our health.  The fumes from your unit have exacerbated in just the past few months with nearby units suffering from the excessive smoke inhalation.  Your smoking has created allergies, headaches, nausea, respiratory conditions to nearby condo owners costing OUR health with doctor visits because of your choice of habit. Please do something ASAP.

Please get help & call 1.800 no butts.  Please do your smoking far from the unit or tightly close & seal ALL your vents, windows & doors & inhale the toxicity yourself:  Not US!  It constantly seeps & permeates & lingers in the walls & floorboards.  You are killing us with second hand smoke while you enjoy a cigarette/cigar at the risk/hazard of everyone around you.  Live & let live & let us all breathe in peace & high quality air index which we once all enjoyed.

This letter will be sent to the Management for further action in one week’s time along with our doctor visits documenting the truth of this situation.

Thank you for understanding your health habit is not just about you – it is affecting all of us.  We live in a community.   Please restore our freedom to breathe clean, fresh air 24/7 day and night.

Thank you for keeping our air index quality environment clean & clear for everyone.

Your Neighbors.”

For more information regarding the hazards of smoking and how to quit please visit:

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