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First edition cover

A few year ago, I read Watership Down by Richard Adams, I read it twice actually. It is an allegorical story about rabbits who escaped the destruction of their warren by very mean bulldozers. These are rabbits that exhibit human traits (anthropomorphised), and in the part of the story that I want to tell you about, you, most likely, will see an analogy.

You see, these rabbits, led by Hazel, Fiver and Bigwig, are looking for a new home, and at the beginning of the story they find these really healthy rabbits living on an ample and comfortable warren. These friendly and welcoming rabbits seemed to be prosperous (they don’t have to worry about food or predators) and invite them to stay, but there is a catch: once in a while they disappear. The farm where they live is full of snares; they had sold themselves for leftovers and “protection.”

Do you see the analogy? If you don’t, click here: AE 9/11 Truth

It is a great book. If interested you can get it here:  Books I Recommend

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