Pentagon Attack | 9/11 | Important Video!

This recently released video by Barbara Honegger “Behind the Smoke Curtain” (her book is coming soon) is extremely revealing; it goes to the gist of the problem . . . and to the solution. It is long, but worth seeing; it behooves you to see it.

Interesting interview with Anthony J. Hilder here:

Don’t miss them!


The Eye of the Dragon at Bookmans | And a Great Video


and Mariko at Bookmans, Tucson AZ (1930 E Grant Rd — Campbell and Grant)

And a great video by Bookmans, click the following link: 

Bookmans Does Banned Books

Bookmans is the largest used books retailer based in Arizona.

9/11 Anniversary | Explosive Evidence Rockets to #2 on PBS

The truth shall make us free!

ESO Rockets to #2 on PBS in Just Three Weeks!

Help Us Take It to #1 in Three Minutes!

Click here! This is a thorough documentary: Click to Watch It Now and Push It to #1!

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