Web Hosting

I know. I haven’t been writing on my journal lately, but I have been busy. I have been trying also to get a hosting company for my blog to no avail. I tell you, I have so much to learn that when I go to the back office of these hosting companies I am totally lost. And I presume they think that I am an adept pupil because they throw at me all these complicated explanations and technical terms that I don’t understand. In the last month I have canceled two web hosting services because I couldn’t get anything going. I couldn’t even transfer my wordpress blog, and that was supposed to be easy. I guess I need simpler web hosting or a company with outstanding support and simple explanations (beginner friendly). Mind you, they all say that they have excellent support, but I still can’t get anything going with their help. Any suggestions?

A pertinent quote: “The greater the struggle, the more enriching the experience is for your life.”–Daisaku Ikeda, Buddhism for You

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