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I am more a writer, dancer and artist than a businessman. But at the moment, I am working hard at learning about Internet marketing. Everything is interconnected! My discoveries, findings and ideas will be posted in this blog with the purpose of helping others while I learn. At the moment there is more about me and my work at: About me

Everything is interconnected means to me that everything depends on everything else, without the soil the rose couldn’t exist; when the rose dies it turns into soil. It also means that we are never separate from the Source and whether our actions in life are private or public, at work or at play, they interrelate and should be done with integrity and balance.


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  1. Just wondering if you ever got my email.
    If you are writing, you are a writer.


  2. Hi again,

    I’m reading your whole blog. You definitely are a writer 🙂 I am a writer wanna be. I write all the time so I should probably stop calling myself a wanna be.

    Anyway, I coach Internet Network Marketing beginners. I am not an expert but you can find me trying to get there all over the net.

    I’d be glad to help.


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