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I got an email from GDI today. They apologized for not giving us notice before launching the new web builder. They actually seem to be committed to improve on their service. And they are giving us notice about the new webmail system that is coming soon. But the web builder still doesn’t work properly. Amazing! I wonder how the new email system will work.
I am concerned myself about good service, and I am also concerned about the fact that the owners are not communicating at all and they seem to be unreachable. I have been trying to communicate with them to no avail. Is there a CEO or even a manager to talk to? I just sent them another email trying to find out. Decisions…decisions…decisions… I have to make a decision regarding my future with Global Domains International. Any suggestions?


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  1. Thanks for your comment Mike.


  2. I agree. GDI needs to step their game up.


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