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My friends Michael James and Shirley Ruth Caron

My friends Michael James and Shirley Ruth Caron

If you are a musician, a songwriter, a singer or a band you might be interested in the services of my friends Michael and Shirley Caron.  This is who they are and what they do:

“M&S Public Relations along with Family Values Promotions are growing fast. We invite you to grow along with us, but there are certain rules that you must be ready to follow. First, we do not tolerate filthy lyrics nor lewd gestures in your act. We represent The Entertainer Network which is (The voice of World Wide Music). This means that if you qualify your music will be heard around the world. Our main mission is to help you take your career to the next level. When we introduce you to Big people in the Music Industry we expect you to conduct yourselves in a Professional manner. No matter how Great you are, you are not the best thing to come down the Pike. Once you adopt the attitude that you are, you begin to loose ground and others will leave you in the Dust. We are Not Booking agents, however we will do our very best to help you gain a foothold in various venues. In so doing, we may have to rely on outside help. No one works for free and their fees vary. You are a Vocalists or Band that has gained a lot of local recognition. You are ready to gain much more recognition. That is where we come in

“The purpose of our business is to get you, the artist, the best possible resources to take your career to the next level. We work with one of the largest chains in the music industry.”

How they work:

“There is one important thing to understand, many artists have said that they have had promoters offer to represent them free of charge. The LURE of Free has caused a lot of artists to loose everything that they ever worked for. When you are offered Free representation read the fine print, whether you are a poet, songwriter, or vocalist Or music arranger. I have had people come to me and ask what they can do to get the rights to their songs back, their poetry or their musical arrangements, however If they have signed a contract there is nothing that I or anyone can do. When you are offered a Free deal, you are giving up the rights to everything!! We offer a one time sign-up fee of $100.00 to represent you for life. We represent you in Nashville. We are affiliated with Cliff Ayres Enterprises that includes Entertainer Indi-Association, Entertainer Network, (The Music Industry Magazine, Music Town Distribution, Emerald Records and American Sounds Records. Most important, if you sign a Record Contract with Emerald Records and somewhere down the road Warner Brothers or R.C.A. wants to sign you, we can get you out of your contract without penalty!! These are serious things to think about if you have the passion to pursue a career in music. Others can’t do that. We can.”

Country Values: The Best of Indianapolis!

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