Everything is Interconnected

Everything is interconnected means  that everything depends on everything else and its part of the whole, without the soil the rose couldn’t exist; when the rose dies it turns into soil. It also means that we are never separate from the Source and whether our actions in life are private or public, at work or at play, they interrelate and should be done with integrity and balance.

Do you want an example of  everything interconnected? It is right in front of you. Please pay attention.


Tax Exemptions for a Home Business | Taxes

Your tax exemptions: Most of us start a home-based business while still working a job. Do you know how much you can retain of what you earn if you have a home based business? A lot! Uncle Sam wants to help you. Please go to this link www.HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com and subscribe to Ron Mueller’s freebulletin“Tax tips you can bank on”. If we don’t educate ourselves and learn about tax laws and exemptions we leave a lot of money on the table. Some people get a home based business just to get the tax exemptions (this is illegal). But it makes sense to have a legitimate home-based business.

A Short Poem | Andrew Perri | John Hodgson |

m_112afa6c1d064453ad745a46c60b50b6My friend, singer and musician Andrew Perri  www.myspace.com/andrewperri  , who is doing his due diligence in matters of the Spirit, sent me the following poem written by John Hodgson:

“I will not bask in the light of your celestial glories.
Time has corrupted them.
Ambition has bloodied them.
Greed has twisted them.
Humanity has broken them.
In lazy freedoms my soul finds peace, whilst yours bends under confining redemption.”

He wanted to know what I thought it meant. My response was this:

I like it! I think it means that Christianity has been corrupted. It has!  The Christ wouldn’t be in the Vatican. Mother Theresa was the closest thing to the Christ in recent times. From what I have seen all religions develop their own commercial agendas to save your soul when in fact you are your own redeemer. In my post “Merry Christmas” I have some quotes from the Christ that show a different Christ than the one usually shown.

What do you think it means?

My Arcosanti Experience | Excerpt | Stalking Castaneda



This excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Eye of the Dragon, Stalking Castaneda is about my Arcosanti experience. I figure it will give the reader some perspective on “intentional communities.” Names have been changed and initials altered to protect identities. Here it is:

. . . September of 1999 found me on Interstate 40 (which parallels or overlays Route 66) heading to Arcosanti, Arizona, a small community founded by the famous architect Paolo Soleri. Arcosanti boasts to be the “City of the Future,” that is, a city that will grow upward—no urban sprawl. I had found the concept interesting, perhaps a solution to our pollution problems. I was also looking forward to try life in a rural intentional community, with a group of people who, supposedly, shared a common purpose and lived a full, vibrant life close to nature, conserving an ecological balance.

Responding to an email I had sent, they informed me that a full time landscaping position was available. I decided to try them. I planned to live there part of the year, and maybe travel part of the year; it would be my home base. During my first interview with KZ (the landscaping director) she said that my traveling plans agreed with Arcosanti.

 °  °  °

My first months in Arcosanti were fabulous. I loved the place with its rocky desert hills, cliffs, canyons, and impressive lightning storms—talk about roaring thunder. There were monthly concerts, and sometimes we danced in the auditorium. It was mandatory to complete a workshop of five weeks to become a permanent resident, and that was an educational endeavor. It was also fun! 

We helped in Arcosanti’s construction; we harvested the olives and worked on the vegetable gardens; we did the landscape; we welded and did woodwork; we worked in the kitchen. During our last week, we chose a field to specialize in: woodworking, welding, landscaping, cooking, or working at the foundry making the famous Soleri bells.

Consequently, I was surprised to hear from a stone that things would turn sour. It happened one day after work. I was out in the desert chaparral practicing the magical passes, when it occurred to me to talk to an interesting stone. I found a shady place behind some bushes, and gazed at the stone until my concentration was complete. 

The stone communicated! Three sides gave me visions of people engulfed by great anguish. The fourth side had a man  lying on the ground, perhaps dead. He had long hair and a long, unkempt beard.

The visions were graphic, but I couldn’t believe the stone. It had to be a mistake. Was it lying? Did I misinterpret? Five months later everything had changed. 

In a meeting in which I expressed my feelings of dissatisfaction toward a negligent and incompetent administration, I saw the distress, the anguish and the tears. All was revolving around the man with the beard and others like him, who shouldn’t have been there in the first place, for they were troubled individuals in need of professional help. And I remembered the stone!

The concept was interesting, but in practice Arcosanti was not delivering on its promise. I personally handed Mr. Soleri a copy of a letter I had sent to management regarding the matter; he never answered. He even avoided me once at the swimming pool, when our paths crossed as he was leaving. Obviously, our vote did not count.

Arcosanti was run by its founding members, and what they said was final. It was to be expected, after thirty years they had turned inflexible and possessive. Egomania was as prevalent in Arcosanti as it was anywhere else . . .


The October 1999 workshop participants

From Top Left:James Reinhardt, Rio Guzman, Pliny Reynolds, Kelly Schenk

      From Bottom Left:Yu Miyamoto, Melissa Andrew, and Christopher Gidley

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Useful Sites | Save and Learn

In this post I will be listing sites that are or have been valuable to me in some way. Don’t miss them! I will be adding to the list periodically.

Who can you trust in the digital world?  http://www.signix.com/infographic-who-can-you-trust-in-a-digital-world/ To protect yourself against government intervention. (NSA)

This other site has a daily sale and sometimes the items are free (you only pay shipping). I have ordered twice from them and they deliver promptly. I was also satisfied with the product. www.1saleaday.com

If you have a home business check your tax exemptions  http://www.homebusinesstaxsavings.com/  His newsletter is free.

Great Tips!

Computor Edge Magazine: Great Tips!



For blogging tips: www.johnchow.com

Top 100 Baby Names for Boys and Girls and their Meanings


Thousands of baby names and their meanings, unique names for boys and girls, popular male and female name statistics and more

 All about language:  www.waywordradio.org

More coming soon…

Punctuality | Douglas E Welch

I found an article in “Computor Edge magazine” that I would like to share with you because I found it very interesting. Punctuality is important, and  Mr Welch goes to the gist of the matter. I also recommend subscribing to the magazine. It is available online and it is a learning experience. 

by Douglas E. Welch

With our current obsession with time and productivity, you would think that punctuality would be de rigueur for any effective worker. We have our cell phones, our iPhones, our Blackberries, constantly reminding us of what we should be doing, and when.

Even today, though, there is a certain portion of the populace who simply can’t be on time to any event, whether a weekly staff meeting, school drop-off or dinner party. Why is this? What fundamental factor prevents them from engaging the world in this important way?

Why Is Punctuality Important?

Many people who are chronically late are often surprised at the response of those around them. What does it matter if they were late? They just don’t understand why people are so upset?

The problem, of course, is that the late person has wasted one of the most precious resources in today’s world—time. Worse still, they haven’t just wasted their own time, but the time of everyone involved with them. Meetings start late. Medical patients sit waiting in the lobby. Long lines start to form. The actions of one person can end up affecting hundreds of people, and every one of them will feel abused by the waste of time that could have been applied, more effectively, elsewhere. People will forgive you wasting their money, to some extent, but they are unlikely to forgive you for wasting their time.

Think about that the next time you decide to miss a deadline or arrive late for an appointment. Multiply the wasted time, and ill will, by everyone involved, and I think you will quickly see why everyone is so irritated. Your actions do have consequences, regardless of what you might think.

Too Busy?

Whenever someone is late, they will often blame the fact that they are simply “too busy!” Of course, this still means that they are late, and the effects are still the same as previously mentioned. “Too busy” becomes an all-purpose excuse, and we are simply supposed to nod our heads in agreement and understanding.

Wrong! While “too busy” is a convenient excuse, it is also a clear indicator that your life is out of control. We are all busy, and yet many people can still arrange to be punctual. What it truly means is this person has not learned the important art of saying “No!” Often, we are too busy because we allow ourselves to be. We take on too many commitments and suffer from too much optimism that we can complete every project, every task that we are presented.

There is a hint of arrogance here, too. Surely we can accomplish everything, we seem to say to ourselves. Yet, we can’t do it all. Projects are delayed, deadlines missed, and those around you suffer for your inability to act logically.


This leads me to another, more controversial, reason for the lack of punctuality. It has been my experience that many people are not late due to work pressures, time pressures or lack of organization, but simply because being late gives them power. It gives them control over their life and the lives of those around them. They are late because it makes them feel superior.

These people seem to be saying, with their actions, “I am more important than you. You can’t control me. I live my life on my own schedule. You can’t make me do anything.”

Of course, this is folly. Sure, they may feel powerful by showing up whenever they wish, but everyone around them, especially their own family, suffers.

I have seen this concept at work at my son’s school. There are (otherwise wonderful) people who seem incapable of arriving on time for school. When I talk with them, it seems clear that it isn’t issues with preparedness or last-minute problems. They could have easily arrived on time, and yet they didn’t. Of course, it is their children who suffer, though, more than they do. The embarrassment of tardy slips, the loss of education time, the stress involved in rushing about should be reason enough to modify this behavior, and yet it continues. Once you remove all the other causes of lateness, control seems to be the only remaining factor.

No matter how busy you might be, or how much you hate being told when to arrive somewhere, for the sake of your own well being, family, friends and career, now is the time to learn the importance of being punctual about your work and life. You aren’t just harming yourself, but everyone around you. As I said earlier, you are wasting the most precious commodity of all—time.


Douglas E. Welch is a writer and computer consultant in Los Angeles. Career Opportunities is also available as a podcast and is a member of Friends In Tech.



Avoid Identity Theft

Human ignorance shows the most when we take advantage of others; we don’t see that everything is interconnected and that upon hurting others we hurt ourselves. Thieves ignore the fact that their behavior affects society as a whole and therefore themselves; the unrest and distrust they create affects them as much as it affects everyone else … and they also fear theft.

Imagine a city without thieves! You could forget your wallet at the counter of a department store and upon returning you would find it untouched at the lost and found desk. You wouldn’t need locks at the gym or alarms in your car. You would also save money when shopping, for merchants wouldn’t have to raise their price to make up for shoplifting loses. Theft (crime) does not make sense, is the work of the ignorant.

It is interesting to note, however, that ignorant thieves create and develop sophisticated techniques and methods. I came across a video that shows the techniques used to steal the information on credit cards at any automated teller machine. Regretfully, this video is no longer available, but what they do is place a hidden camera that seems to be part of the ATM to steal your information. Be aware!

Google is your ally | Titus Hoskins | Tips

Titus Hoskins just sent me an email with very useful suggestions on how to turn Google into a very efficient ally. I believe they will be helpful to most of my my readers as well, so here they are:

“Google must be your number ONE ally if you truly want to succeed online. Love it or hate it – Google is fast becoming the dominant marketing force on the web and you must use and exploit it to your advantage.

When most people mention Google, all they think of is the Search Engine. But if you’re marketing or promoting your site on the web – Google is so much more. It has countless programs you can use to further your goal.

Here are some of ones I use:

o Using Google Adsense For Profit & Monitoring

I use Google Adsense on almost all my site, it’s a simple way to monitize your site or sites. Google gives you a simple piece of code which you place on your webpages and it serves up text or image ads marked “Ads by Google” on
your pages.

If someone clicks on your ads you get a few pennies or a few dollars… Google Adsense is great if you have a large content filled site and want to earn revenue from your traffic. I use it in conjunction with my other affiliate
links on many of my pages.

Now, I can get 10, even a 100 times more with an affiliate link/click so I mostly use Adsense where I am not targeting a particular affiliate product with my marketing. However, I have received Adsense checks each month for the last three or four years – always puts a smile on my face to get that check from Google!

But also use Adsense to track and monitor my site’s traffic in ‘real time’ and it gives me a good picture of how my pages are doing. I still use my log stats to monitor my traffic but Adsense is just another way to do it.

If you’re not using Adsense on your sites, I suggest you give it a try.


o Using Google Benchmarks To Improve Your Site

If you have a website, it’s only natural that you would like to know how your site compares with other similar sites on the web. Now, we are not talking about comparing apples to oranges here – we are talking about comparing your site to others that are the same in size and traffic.

Google Benchmarks which is a part of Google Analytics, lets you compare your site to other sites on the
web that are similar to yours. It will tell you how your site is performing compared to your
competition. This is enormously valuable information because it gives you a clearer picture of how your
site is performing.

I find it extremely helpful in telling me what parts of my sites are not working and where I
have to make improvements. It also tells me what parts of my sites are working or performing above
my competition.

Things like bounce rates, pageviews per visit, time on site… I can see how my sites are doing
compared with others in my area of interest. This is vital if I want to keep my sites competitive
and “in the game”.

If you’re not using Google Analytics and Google Benchmarks, I would strongly suggest you use this free service from Google. It is a great way to track your sites and visitors. It is invaluable for improving your site’s content.

You can also use the Website Optimizer to test which content, headlines, graphics, page design… are best
for converting your visitors into customers or clients. Simply find out what works best and use it.

If you’re not already using Google Analytics I
strongly suggest you start using it. You can
sign-up here:


o Simple Market Research With Google Trends

Another Google program that I use a lot is Google Trends, especially when I am first
developing a site or looking for small niche markets I can make profitable. Google Trends
tells you what things or topics are “hot” or “popular” – ones being searched for by web users.

Google Trends can give you a good overview of of things that may be worth your time and effort,
in regards to marketing. It also lets you compare different items and it gives you a graph read-out
of how popular each one is or is becoming.

For example, if you’re selling electronics on your site, and you want to find out if you should spend more telling selling PCs or Laptops…. you can do a Trend search for each one and compare your results.

What’s even just as great, Google Trends will tell you how popular they are in different countries
or regions of the world. Again, if you’re marketing on the web, this will give you some simple
market research into your area of interest.

You can check Google Trends here:


o Information Gathering With Google Alerts

Perhaps, one of my most favorite of all Google programs is Google Alerts. This is
simply the most valuable tool for searching for information on your site or topic.

You use Google Alerts to “tag” or “mark” any subject or phrase you want Google to
email alert you – when any new content appears on the web related to your topic or phrase.

These Alerts will give you the links to the new pages so that you can check out
the information. It is a great way to “keep up to date” on all your niche markets
and keywords you’re targeting with your sites.

This is also great for link building since many of these Alerts will be blog links
and you can easily go and add your comments with a link back to your site. Google will
send you email alerts when a new link or page is created on your targeted keyword.

I also use this free service from Google to keep track of my name so that whenever someone
is saying something about me anywhere on the web – I know about it!

I do the same thing for my sites. You can also use it to track your articles, keywords or just
about anything for that matter. Invaluable service for gathering information on the web…

Get it here:


What Google Thinks Of Your Site?

Furthermore, if you want to find out how Google
views you site. You can check out this handy
article I wrote a little while back:


o Free Online Graphics Editor

And now for something completely different…

I heard about this free online graphics editor from Design Guru Ryan (The guy who does my
web graphics) and it looks very good. It’s called Pixlr and if you need to quickly
design or fix your graphics, this could be a very good option if you don’t have your
own image editor on your desktop.

You can find it here:


Kind Regards,


P.S. I have placed links to some of my sites,
blogs and social networks altogether here:


Includes Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, LiveJournal,
SiteProNews Blog… and others. In case you
really want to get to know me!

You can also go to this online blog:


or on Twitter:


It is Happening Now!

Geisel Library at University of California San Diego

I was walking up to the main library at the University of California in San Diego one night, which is a long walk even when you pay for parking, when I noticed my absent minded condition. I had been walking wrapped in thought, pondering. I had been oblivious to my surroundings. Does it happen to you? I am being facetious, of course, I know it does. We are all ponderers. We have so many projects, so many things pending and so many expectations! We believe that our efforts will eventually take us to a safe haven, don’t we?

And it is good that we have projects and goals, that is life! Without action nothing gets done. But there is a hidden challenge in taking action that we don’t see, for no matter how many goals we may have all we ever really have is this present moment. We do think that our goals will take us to a safe haven but there is no such a thing; there can’t be because this is a world of change. After we get to our “safe haven” sooner or later a new challenge will sprout. Besides, in a world where death is waiting at every turn, where can there be safety? Our challenge is to realize that we should act for the sake of the action itself because the challenge at hand is all we ever have. Reality is not what we think! Reality is what is here now. Everything is in this very moment.

Therefore, I decided to focus on the present moment, on what was actually taking place. I became aware then of the things that I was approaching (benches, cars, bus stops…), of the trees that I passed on the wooded trails. Soon I arrived at the last stretch of my walk, the wide walkway lined by tall Eucalyptus trees that takes you directly to the library, and I noticed other pedestrians immersed, as I had been, in self-reflection, oblivious to the world.

I noticed the library in the distance, a huge building that rose like a mushroom, like a giant bird spreading its wings obliterating the star-raddled sky. I wondered how that enormous building could remain aloft in such a narrow base, a feat of engineering. It reminded me briefly of the ship “Nostromo” in the movie “Alien” and for a moment my mind drifted in that direction. I brought it back. I walked on while aware of my surroundings, aware of the seemingly approaching building and the steps that brought it near. And then I was awaken from the slumber of self-reflection completely…I was fully aware of my surroundings.

When I arrived at the Geisel library I was present, and the feeling was such that I felt like prolonging my walk. A quote from The Christ interrupted my concentration once more, “Let thine eye be single and your whole body will be full of light”. And then I realized that prolonging my walk really didn’t matter because regardless of what we are doing presence of mind is always an option. Our attention can always be placed on the action at hand.

It does not matter either how well we do it (to berate ourselves for not being present is also a lack of discipline, an ego problem) our best is enough. To be aware of what the mind does is the key. To see how it worries about past events that can’t be changed or future events that will never happen is the first step. But we shouldn’t force the issue, for the mind’s very nature is to think. Make it play! Watch the mind’s moves!

Nevertheless, we should do our best, for an undisciplined mind can’t avoid misleading us. And having a disciplined mind is the only way to vanquish the darkness of self-centeredness, that ego-induced self-reflection that is usually empty blabber, a blind alley. A disciplined mind is the key to happiness…”Let thine eye be single…”

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