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m_112afa6c1d064453ad745a46c60b50b6My friend, singer and musician Andrew Perri  www.myspace.com/andrewperri  , who is doing his due diligence in matters of the Spirit, sent me the following poem written by John Hodgson:

“I will not bask in the light of your celestial glories.
Time has corrupted them.
Ambition has bloodied them.
Greed has twisted them.
Humanity has broken them.
In lazy freedoms my soul finds peace, whilst yours bends under confining redemption.”

He wanted to know what I thought it meant. My response was this:

I like it! I think it means that Christianity has been corrupted. It has!  The Christ wouldn’t be in the Vatican. Mother Theresa was the closest thing to the Christ in recent times. From what I have seen all religions develop their own commercial agendas to save your soul when in fact you are your own redeemer. In my post “Merry Christmas” I have some quotes from the Christ that show a different Christ than the one usually shown.

What do you think it means?


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  1. Keep it simple, Don’t try to change the world, change yourself. By being detached you help the world.
    “The degree of absence of thought is the measure of progress in Self-Realization” Sri Ramana Maharshi


  2. This is what I thought the first time I read it:

    I think it means that most of man is lost in his ambition and his goals and gets caught up in his strict (sometimes) motives. Too caught up to just let the world go by through him, instead he lets the world go by right in front of his eyes. We’ve got this precious time on earth and this passage seems to say, just go with the flow and don’t care too much about anything, be light hearted and you’ll be free. Another opinion combatting this one could be that yes we do have this precious time here on earth, and the ones who have stumbled upon enlightenment and happiness are the ones who can save others who are suffering, save the hungry ghosts and the beings who are so stuck in darkness that they feel an empty void in center of their being which is missing out on the great things that these fortunate enlightened people have and can share. How can one sit in lazy freedom and justify it if he hasn’t felt the suffering that the majority of the world feels deep inside of them? Although, his lack of ambition could indirectly affect the world in a good way, but to my knowledge karma favors those with good intention and a path of truth.



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