People’s Guide to Mexico | Carl Franz | Lorena Havens

The People's Guide to Mexico

The People’s Guide to Mexico

I have to say that  “The People’s Guide to Mexico” is the best you can get to find your way in Mexico, or if you are planning to visit the country. It is written by Carl Franz and Lorena Havens, a writer/editor team with over 40 years experience traveling, living and learning things “the hard way” in Mexico and Central America. As a matter of fact, in days of yore, while building my hut in Baja California (in the chapter “The Brujo” in “A Vagabond in Mexico”) I followed the instructions of my host, but I also  followed tips from Carl and Lorena’s book. No wonder, according to “Outside Magazine”, The People’s Guide to Mexico has achieved mythical status. They know Mexico!

Carl and Lorena

Carl and Lorena

People’s Guide

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