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I find to be a useful site to showcase your work to your friends and acquaintances in search of constructive criticism. In the future we may even have a site in which the members would do the same for each other. What I have found at the moment in many authors is a willingness to praise your work and shelve your book if you reciprocate, so that they eventually will get enough points to get to the editors’ desk. This is a dishonest practice that actually beats the purpose of the website; that is, to get the best manuscripts to the editors’ desk.

It is interesting to note how human beings sacrifice our integrity in pursuit of our goals. We miss the point; for success is an inside job. We should also consider that as authors we are also teachers who are setting an example and building a reputation. What kind of writers do we want to be?

And guess what? My book, The Eye of the Dragon, Stalking Castaneda is becoming less and less popular on the site. But, like I say, I can always refer others to the site to get feedback; and perhaps the site will improve in the future.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”– Benjamin Disraeli


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  1. There is nothing to seek, we are never separate from the Source.
    We just don’t ‘see’ it.
    Did you check my book? Please do! At:


  2. hey, no guessing…I only speak truth….I thought U were a truth finder, keeper, seeker!


  3. Hi Carol! Thanks for your comment. And although you are exagerating a little, I guess that is exuberant you. Good luck with your book!


  4. Thanks Rio for informing this performer/writer @ Authonomy. I have yet to successfully swim thru the proper channels & list all my 411 – however, a true mermaid swims everywhere & anywhere cuz she’s got secret codes that bode well in right/left brain hemispheres!!! Everyone, please realize that Rio (which means river so very mermaid approved) has baptized & resurrected this elementary computer neophyte into the waters & e-waves of modern technology. Rio showed me how to set up my blog & tho I probably, defnitely tested his computer guru-viness, I achieved WWW success: wild, wild west! Giddyup, ever mortal need a guru on line who reads between the savvy lines! This Mermaid,thanks to Rio
    & his ‘rudimentary approach (no rudeness involved) to explain land lubber things to me, which are so very different than that of the deep blue sea is forever indebted to St. Rio!!! All homage paid & may he be blessed with the highest, most supreme success at its best!!! This is the word of the Mermaid: Thanks be to the Sea (key of C)


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