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I find to be a useful site to showcase your work to your friends and acquaintances in search of constructive criticism. In the future we may even have a site in which the members would do the same for each other. What I have found at the moment in many authors is a willingness to praise your work and shelve your book if you reciprocate, so that they eventually will get enough points to get to the editors’ desk. This is a dishonest practice that actually beats the purpose of the website; that is, to get the best manuscripts to the editors’ desk.

It is interesting to note how human beings sacrifice our integrity in pursuit of our goals. We miss the point; for success is an inside job. We should also consider that as authors we are also teachers who are setting an example and building a reputation. What kind of writers do we want to be?

And guess what? My book, The Eye of the Dragon, Stalking Castaneda is becoming less and less popular on the site. But, like I say, I can always refer others to the site to get feedback; and perhaps the site will improve in the future.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”– Benjamin Disraeli

Authonomy for Writers | HarperCollins

If you are a writer (published or not) I think you should check  They are “on a mission to flush out the brightest, freshest new writing talent around.”

So far I am finding it helpful. The only drawback is the race to the editor’s desk, which has people asking you to shelve their book because they shelved yours so they can get a higher ranking and get picked for a review by the editors of HarperCollins. This practice beats the purpose of the site which is to get the best manuscripts to the editors. I shelve books only if they grab my attention and hold my interest; it is irrelevant if the authors shelved my book or not. By the same token, I want them to read and shelve my book only if my writing is good, they have a real interest in it and they see its value. Having said that I think the site is great for new authors and this is their link: If you write, it behooves you to check it out.

“Don’t measure a man’s success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”– General George S. Patton

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