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Beware of Social Media

I found an informative article by Michael Dillon, on computoredge magazine, about how to protect yourself in social networks like Facebook and Tweeter. Here is an excerpt and a link:

“Israel Hyman was very excited about his upcoming vacation from his home in Arizona to Kansas City. So excited, in fact, that he broadcast details of his trip to his 2,000 Twitter followers, including when he and his wife were leaving their house, where they were on the road, and when they arrived in K.C.

Someone, one of Mr. Hyman’s followers on Twitter, took a great interest in Mr. Hyman’s trip; when he returned home he found someone had broken into his house and stolen thousands of dollars in video equipment used for his business. Hyman is convinced the thieves monitored his feed to see when he would be gone, and then robbed his house. Similar incidents of thieves using Twitter to plan and execute robberies have also been reported in Florida and California.”

To know more: online.mvc


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  1. Yup! We do.
    How did they hijacked your email. Could you tell me more? Thanks!


  2. You are so right, you have to be careful about everything you say and do. We have to remember that people are reading whatever we have shared, long after we’ve forgotten all about it.

    Even though I’m careful, I’ve still had one email hijacked. It was spamming/scamming me over at my new email. LOL Imagine my surprise to discover I was in some other country…and broke Just remember the theme music for “Twilight Zone”


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