Lymphoma Cancer | A Treatment That Works

For some time now I have had the nagging suspicion that the reason we haven’t found a cure for cancer is because there is lots of money to be made in cancer research.  Why find the cure? Let’s make money. Then I found this article by Jamie Reno with information that is related.

“Imagine, if you will, that there is a remarkably safe and effective treatment for one of the nation’s deadliest and most common cancers that works better than any other available treatment. Now imagine, if you can, that doctors aren’t telling their patients about this treatment because they don’t make as much money administering this drug as they do other, less effective, more toxic drugs. This eerie scenario couldn’t possibly be happening anywhere outside a sci-fi screenplay, could it? Yes, it could.”

Do we live in an immoral society? Maybe?

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Urine Drinking | Mahatma Gandhi | Amaroli

Recently, I came across a derogatory blog about Mahatma Gandhi. One of the things it pointed out was that he drank his own urine. It is interesting to note how unethical people can twist facts for their own purpose.  I just discovered a book written by doctor  Billy Goldberg with Mark Leyner, and it says that amaroli (urine therapy) is an important technique in yoga practice.  And the Chinese  Association of Urine Therapy says that urine is sterile, antiseptic and nontoxic.

I have to admit that I am sticking to orange juice for the time being. But I will keep in mind that urine properly prescribed can be used to treat cancer and other illnesses. And you can certainly clean a wound with it if nothing else is available; it contains hormones and enzymes but no viruses or bacteria.

To know more see: Amaroli

And the book of  Leyner and Goldberg is:

Questions Answered

Razor Wire Dharma by Calvin Malone | A Buddhist in Prison

I recently read Razor-Wire Dharma, and found a true practitioner of Buddhism. Calvin Malone found Buddhism in jail, and through his practice released himself (and others) from the bondage of the ego-mind.

My favorite chapter is the one about the apple, in which, through mindfulness he sees the Whole in an awakening moment. It is similar to what Brad Warner experienced while eating an orange in one of his books (Hardcore Zen?).

What makes Mr. Malone’s book so remarkable is his position; he is practicing under adverse circumstances, and under extreme pressure at times. He is being a guide to cellmates who sometimes even steal from him. He is practicing compassion and balance in a place in which a wrong move can cost you your life, and obscene, offensive language is the norm.

He is an example for all of us.

Fishtank Ensemble | World Music News Wire | New Album

“Parked next door to a sandwich truck sits a hand-built, mule drawn “Gypsy wagon,” like an apparition from a bygone era, in the driveway of a contemporary hillside home in Hollywood, California.”

“Belonging to Fishtank Ensemble, it embodies the wild and wooly journeys of the band’s eclectic and eccentric members—vocalist Ursula Knudson, violinist Fabrice Martinez, guitarist Doug “Douje” Smolens, and bassist Djordje Stijepovic—who share a vibrant passion for unbridled creativity and music with Roma roots. The quartet with a quirky name blazes new musical trails on their new album, Woman In Sin due out May 11, 2010.”

More on this interesting group at:

Feedback for Google

Google recently sent me a letter thanking me for using adsense. And offering me a deal in Google Adwords. But the fact is that I had cancelled all my ads, and I had seven blogs of which six had been deleted and the other is on its way. Maybe Google is totally unaware. Perhaps they are nothing but a gigantic computer running amok. Have you ever thought of that? The only email I have ever received from them was totally devoid of warmth and rather intimidating, it could have been computer generated.

That is why I am posting this useful feedback; I figure their spiders have to index it, and if there are human beings behind the scene somewhere, they’ll get it. I don’t know. I really don’t know how it all works. All I know is that they are allowing plagiarism, which is tantamount to being plagiarists themselves; and in that case I don’t want to do business with them. I really don’t. They can keep their coupons.

But I understand; if you are making hundreds (or thousands) of dollars (I wasn’t) with Google Adsense you wouldn’t want to do that. You couldn’t! One thing you can do, however, is start looking for alternatives, as I am doing. There are alternatives to Google, you know. And let’s face it, why would you want to do business with someone who allows the plagiarizing of your work? It shows a lack of integrity, doesn’t it?

Another thing you can do is pass this on to Google; if you think there are human beings behind the computers and the spiders.


Rudyard Kipling’s prophetic words at a Rhodes dinner, Oxford, June 1924:

“For you will be delivered to life in a world where, at the worst, no horror is now incredible, no folly unthinkable, no adventure inconceivable.”

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The Honduras Coup d’etat | Turbula | The Smoking Section | Jim Trageser

Apparently, there was no such a thing as coup in Honduras. According to an article I read in Turbula. It seems that the guy had been ordered out by higher powers. Excerpt:

“So now that both the United Nations and the Organization of American States have voted to condemn the “coup” in Honduras, could we spend a few minutes and review just what a coup actually is?

A coup d’etat is generally recognized as a military overthrow of a civilian government.

HondurasWhich never happened in Honduras. Instead, acting on an order from the Supreme Court – issued on a request from Congress – the Honduran military removed the president after he ignored both Congress and the Supreme Court and scheduled a referendum designed to make him president for life.”

“And the military never took control – they simply arrested and deported Zelaya, and returned to their barracks.”

To read the whole article, and more:

Arizona Law (Senate Bill 1070) shows Ignorance and Incompetence.

There is no law or wall that is going to solve the illegal immigration problem. The Mexican Border Fence is a waste of taxpayer’s money; both, the new fence and the law, will only create friction between the countries. The only solution to the problem is social justice. The pressure should be put on social reform in Mexico (and in the US).

There is hunger in many parts of Mexico. If the child below was yours would you risk your life climbing any wall? Of course you would. Erecting fences and implementing anti-immigration laws just show our ignorance, incompetence and immorality. This is morality: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If he was your child...

Just across the border from El Paso, Texas

Photos from: Poverty, Immigration, And The Laws

To help you understand: A Vagabond in Mexico

Be aware: Everything is interconnected!

World Music News Wire | Around the World with Music

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to an exciting blog: World Music News Wire. It is a door to travel around the world with music:

“World Music News Wire provides high quality feature articles on world music artists and recordings to newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media outlets.”

An excerpt from one of their articles below:

“Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen is an alchemist at heart. Finding inspiration in musicians ranging from Bach to Stevie Wonder, Avishai can transform a tired Israeli school tune back into poetic gold. He can take the Sephardic melodies his grandfather sang in prayer, or his mother hummed while washing dishes, and make them groove. He can take a sinuous and spontaneous jazz bass line turn it into a top forty hit.”

He says:

Avishai Cohen

“When I was really young, Bach’s music fascinated me. He sustains two melodies at the same time, and one supports the other: Without one, the other can’t exist,” Avishai notes. “It’s like a fifth dimension that comes into play when I’m listening to and creating music.”

To read more see: World Music News Wire


What is Yoga? | What is a Yogi?

Recently, I came across an article in a well known Los Angeles Yoga magazine. It had the picture of a young lady in terrific shape doing the scorpion pose with total ease. The article said she was kicking ass. If she was, she was a gymnast not a Yogi.

The Sanskrit word Yoga means, literally, ‘union’. Yoga has nothing to do with competition; it is a way to unite with the Spirit. The pose you are adopting do have health benefits, but its main objective is to help you concentrate, to help you silence your jabbering mind and touch the ‘One’, unite with ‘It’.

Yoga is something you can do while washing the dishes, so don’t worry if you can’t do the scorpion pose, let alone kick ass with it. Just do Yoga!

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