Presence! What does it mean?

I recently came across an article in a Buddhist magazine in which the author stated that we can’t help but being present because we are always here in bodily form; we can’t be anywhere else. Then he proceeded on a tangent of thought that I can’t remember at the moment; it was irrelevant anyway.

He was misunderstanding what “presence” is. If our body is here but our mind is in some distant past, unforeseeable future or imaginary situation, we are not present. Our mind is running away with us. Our presence of mind is gone. We are not awake.

Right thought is the thought placed in what we are doing or experiencing in the present moment. The mind is stilled then; that is, present.

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  1. Right on Lou!


  2. Enlightenment means choosing to dwell in the state of presence rather than in time. It means saying yes to what is.


  3. Thanks Elena! It always helps!


  4. Yeah, good reminder Rio. thank you! Stop projecting yourself into the future or mentally getting stock in the past, but see this moment and be with it. Be Present. Wow, I needed this refresher!


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