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Dogen Zenji

It cracks me up when I hear somebody say, “I am a Buddhist”. Because, to my knowledge, it was the Buddha who said. “Don’t say ‘I am this or I am that“.  And with reason, for as soon as we say, “I am this” (Buddhist or whatever) we create a separation from anyone who is “that”. We destroy Unity. Don’ we?

What the great sages have always taught is an intelligent way of life, a life with presence and morality. We don’t have to be anything in particular, but just “be” and do unto others as we would have others do unto us. We don’t need a membership to anything.


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  1. I have to double check but I think that the quote comes from “The Pocket Buddha Reader” a compilation of the Buddha’s teachings by Ann Bancroft. Excellent book. https://rioguzman.com/2010/07/26/books-i-recommend/
    On the other hand (please correct me if I am wrong) everything the Buddha taught was written down by his awakened followers later; I don’t think he wrote a word himself.


  2. Do you have a source for that quote? Are you sure it wasn’t some monk? Just curious.

    Indeed, I have recently seen Buddhist defending vehemently just what “True Buddhism” is! The irony was stifling.


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