President Barack Obama’s Budget Cuts | George W Bush’s 9/11


I heard that President Barack Obama is doing budget cuts to decrease the national debt. He is cutting on many social programs; I know libraries are cutting hours.

The way to get out of debt, however, is by bringing the real terrorist of the 9/11 “attack” to justice, and bring our troops  home. There is enough evidence (even though most have been destroyed) to suggest that Ex President George W Bush and his hidden allies demolished the buildings to have an excuse to go to war. Check: And that’s where the deficit is created; in wars that help the corporate state and cripple the economy while sacrificing our soldiers and citizens in the name of greed (not freedom).

Will there be an investigation? If there isn’t an investigation our justice system is not to be trusted and the very fabric of our society is in jeopardy.

But wait! Who will do the investigation? The “shadow government” will thwart any possible investigation; the criminal will not solve the crime. We have to face it, the very fabric of our society is in jeopardy. The very least we can do is face it.

More about George W. Bush here:

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  1. Hi Heather!
    The problem is not really Obama; they are all puppets. The problem is that if we don’t face the
    problem now our kids will suffer greatly. They’ll be in the hands of an evil and immoral entity.
    And what they have in store for us can’t be good.
    The first step to fight them is to be aware; tell everybody.


  2. Rio,

    You are right: Disappointing! No backbone!

    Sometimes I wonder if he actually has one but is afraid to use it because he knows of consequences to us all.


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