Muhammad Ali vs Oscar De La Hoya | Who is fighting for freedom?


When Muhammad Ali refused induction in the armed forces he was aware that the enemy is inside not outside. Ali was aware that he would be cannon fodder,  and fighting for a ruthless corporate oligarchy that kills to defend their interests, not for anybody’s freedom. At the time, I wasn’t aware myself; I am a veteran for peace now.

I  saw Oscar de la Hoya on the news this morning, at the gym’s tv. He is either totally unaware of what is going on or he has been bought by our corporate dictatorship. I hope the former is true. And maybe he will come across this lines and bother to do some research to find out what our troops are really dying and killing for. Otherwise, he will never be a match for Ali.

Our armed forces are being  misused and abused, and should be avoided until we clean house. We were led into war with Iraq and Afghanistan with lies and plots. 9/11 was never an “attack.” Check: Demolition And go from there; do your own research.



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  1. Hi Heather! If you take a close look at the videos you can see that the three buildings were felled by controlled demolition. But yes, building 7 is the giveaway.


  2. Hi Rio,

    The Building 7 collapse is definitely a strange event they should be looking into. That for me is the wildcard and why I think there is much more to the story.

    I saw Jesse Ventura on Pierce Morgan the other night talking about it. When pressed about how he could think government officials could do such a thing, he pointed out that people in government have proven to be evil time and again. He said, “ever heard of Hilter?” I respect that he questions things. I haven’t seen his show but I bet it is interesting.


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