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Occupy Wall Street

I was looking at the demands of our occupy wall street movement and we are missing an important one: Justice! The entity controlling our government is not only guilty of theft and fraud, they are also guilty of murder and terrorism. There is evidence that the 9/11 “attacks” were an inside job, the excuse they needed to go to war. There is evidence that explosives were used. AE 9/11 Truth

Besides, just by looking at the collapse of WTC 7 (a building that was not hit by a plane and had only minor fire damage) anyone can tell it was done by controlled demolition; the building comes down in free fall acceleration with no resistance at the bottom floors, as if nothing was there. There is enough evidence to open a new investigation and find the real terrorists. The terrorists that make money on war, and by controlling the economy through the central banks (the Federal Reserve).

This was a major crime committed against the people of the United States; a major crime with continuing death and destruction. Isn’t that a good reason to occupy Wall Street? Isn’t that a good reason to occupy the world? Justice must be our main demand. If we don’t reinstate our democracy on a foundation of justice, it won’t last long. We must clean house! We must get rid of the scum. We need to find the culprits and have new “Nuremberg Trials” in New York: The New York Trials. These are war criminals. They must be punished to the fullest extent of the law. 

Please vote here: http://coupmedia.org/the-sovereign-peoples-movement/6-re-investigate-the-attacks-of-9-11-2001.html

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  1. Yeah! Hey, I apologize for my book keeping you up too late. ; – )


  2. I hope it does. Best wishes…


  3. Hi Heather! Thanks for your comments so far on The Eye of the Dragon; Stalking Castaneda, you will like the finished version even more. It should be out in about two weeks, if everything goes as planned.


  4. Hi Rio!

    Glad to see you still at it! It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

    I must say that I am sincerely enjoying the book. You life is very interesting, relatable and I’m building a greater respect for you page by page. I’m sorry I’m so slow reading it but I want to keep turning the page. If I didn’t have to be up a 6AM every day I would be done…lol. I went to work pretty sleepy one day after forcing myself to finally put it down the night before. That’s a great sign for you. Nice job!



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