Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows | A Message

There is a message in this movie.

Professor Moriarty, a chap with no conscience, is plotting to plunge the world into war so that he can make money. Sounds familiar? After much work Holmes and Watson are able to prevent the assassination that will trigger the war (Moriarty is also an influential man). Interesting to note that the assassin is trapped by circumstances, also a victim. That also sounds familiar.

In real life, however, the demolition of the three towers on 9/11 could not be prevented and “Professor Moriarty” is making a lot of money on war while destroying lots of  life, with more to come. AE 9/11 Truth 

Do you think the movie will help those who don’t want to see the elephant in our living room? Professor Moriarty even talks about the military industrial complex that is to come.

The movie is also fun to watch. Recommended.

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