In Memory | The Sycamore Ranch | Riverbend Hotsprings in T or C

My visit to the Sycamore Ranch was sad; my friends (the owners) had passed away. The place was deserted, most buildings stood in neglect, with broken windows and torn walls, battened down. The trail to the Sacred Grove had disappeared, but the trees stood tall. There was an offering at the roots of one of them, and a wind chime with a little fairy in another. I could feel my friends’ presence, and I took some time to say goodbye.

My best friend in the Sacred Grove.

From a distance 

In memory! The vegetable garden is gone, but the tree in the middle remains. This tree appeared to Dyan as a sapling, after she wished for it. 

*  *  *

Riverbend Hotsprings in Truth or Consequences

The hostel is no more in T or C. The owners closed it and reopened as the Riverbend Hot  Springs. I used to help them out also, so it was good to see them doing well.

My favorite tub, next to the Rio Grande; there is a stairwell to it.

Lee and Sylvia, the proud owners; they were friends of the Sycamore Ranch.

Me and Sylvia



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  1. Yes, that was a really sad visit. But . . . everything will pass away. This is just a dream.


  2. I was sorry to hear of your friends passing. You painted such a good picture of them and the Sycamore Ranch to the point where I had hoped to visit it some day myself.


  3. Hey Jill! Thanks for visiting my blog. Long time no see. Keep in touch. I am sending you an email.
    Take care


  4. Okay, Rio, now I know what you meant when you said you were heading to T or C! I’m just a mid-western gal with limited experience in SW! I am in NY state. Very happy, very grateful. I come to wonder how this Iowa farm girl came to have such good fortune in finding my path and people in life, even with the bumps and bruises. Be well.


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