We Did It! | 9/11: Experts Speak Out Reached #1 on PBS-TV

Recently, I received this message:

“Dear AE911Truth Supporter,

Thanks in large part to dedicated 9/11 activists like you all across the country and to Shari Bernson, the courageous Development Director at PBS affiliate Colorado Public Television 12 (CPT12), “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out” has gone ‘viral’.  The CPT12 broadcast of Experts Speak Out shot up the chart to become the #1 Most Watched AND Most Shared video on PBS nationwide during the week of the 9/11 anniversary, and in just a few weeks, the film topped 300,000 views. You can watch the documentary now (go to the video page on right) on the CPT12 website-–and there is a link on the national PBS website which records the viewed and shared ratings relative to top shows like NOVA, NewsHour, Frontline, and Masterpiece Theater. The ranking is down a few notches right now, and…

We need your help to bring it back up to # 1!”

Join us and give us a hand.

AE 9/11 Truth

St Phillip’s Plaza Farmer’s Market | Tucson Farmer’s Market

St Phillip’s Plaza

Ah! . . . bummer . . . I like St Phillip’s Plaza farmer’s market, but, again, some store owners complained and I was asked to leave. Isn’t that selfish? I guess they consider me (or my book) a threat. 

Whoever complained is not only showing selfishness but also ignorance. Selfishness, because promoting my book does not hinder their business; the opposite is true: it adds to the place during that day of the week, just like the farmers do. Ignorance, because what is really wreaking havoc in our economy (and therefore hurting their business) are the mega banks: Chase, Bank of America, Citibank,  Wells Fargo etc., and I bet most of those store owners are banking with them, with the criminal banks that are causing the collapse of our system, with the banks that may cause their going out of business. (A Central Bank’s SchemeIt is interesting, isn’t it?

But I think The Eye of the Dragon will survive anyway; it is indeed a timely book. You can check it out right here: The Eye of the Dragon: Stalking Castaneda and even look inside the book. Enjoy! It has a message for you.

A Message for The Armed Forces

Dear Troops, I am a veteran. I used to think we were fighting for freedom and democracy. We were not! We are not! We have been serving not our country but a corporate oligarchy that is stealing the world. We have been deceived. I ask you to refuse to kill innocent people and destroy countries for the sake of a few sociopaths. You must have the courage to resist.  This is not what we become soldiers for: A Collateral Murder 

It is time to stop an immoral war, which is making the corporate world very rich while killing thousands of innocent people.

If you have any doubt that we should refuse to fight until we clean house please check: AE 9/11 Truth. The evidence showing that 9/11 was an inside job is staggering. The enemy is inside. Do you see any Afghans or Iraqis threatening our freedom anywhere near? Well, the patriot act is. And the Federal Reserve (a banking cartel) has stolen our money. Remember the bailout? That is an example of outright robbery.

Let’s fight for what is right. Refuse to fight for murderers, have the courage to resist.

And don’t fight your own brothers. The enemy within: https://youtu.be/5IJeemTQ7Vk

The Eye of the Dragon at Bookmans | And a Great Video


and Mariko at Bookmans, Tucson AZ (1930 E Grant Rd — Campbell and Grant)

And a great video by Bookmans, click the following link: 

Bookmans Does Banned Books

Bookmans is the largest used books retailer based in Arizona.

9/11 Anniversary | Explosive Evidence Rockets to #2 on PBS

The truth shall make us free!

ESO Rockets to #2 on PBS in Just Three Weeks!

Help Us Take It to #1 in Three Minutes!

Click here! This is a thorough documentary: Click to Watch It Now and Push It to #1!

Detour | Gila River Camp | Gila Cliff Dwellings New Mexico

On my way back to Tucson, AZ, I stopped at the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument.

The Gorge

The bridge to the caves

From a distance

A two-story building, about six families used to live in these cliffs, a window to the world of our ancestors.

The way out

With a good-looking ranger

Trees growing on sheer cliff

A beautiful hiker on her way out

My camp by the Gila River, a javelina just went by. I thought they always moved in packs.

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