Ofro’s Restaurant | Downtown San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico


No impressive front . . .


And the family is camera shy.


But the food, prices and service are excellent!

These are chicken fajitas with cheese, guacamole, green peppers etcetera.

At: Juarez 64, Col Centro, San Blas, Nayarit Mexico

One block from the plaza

Hotel Bucanero, San Blas | New Home

I moved from Borrego Beach to Hotel Bucanero (Pirate), downtown San Blas. Reasonable rates! Swimming pool! Wi-Fi! But the place was noisy and the beds uncomfortable.

“Que es mi barco, mi tesoro. Que es mi Dios, la libertad; mi ley, la fuerza y el viento; mi única patria, la mar.”  

“What’s my ship, my treasure. What’s my God, freedom; my law, strength and wind; my only country, the sea.”

IMG_1382The patio from my room

IMG_1386San Blas is quite an old town; these two cannons were useful at times.



Old San Blas Church at night

(Click to enlarge)

San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico | Stoner’s Surf Camp

IMG_1362The beach from my favorite restaurant and “Stoner’s Surf Camp”


This beach (Borrego Beach) has some of the longest surf waves in the world, free camping, and you can rent your surf board.  Of course, the mosquitoes and the jejenes are there too . . . but who cares! They have cabins with mosquito nets. Good food! Beautiful! I got a really good ride yesterday . . . bodysurfing.

IMG_1354Staff at Stoner’s: Hugo, Dona Rosa and Jose Manuel on front line. Left to right: Catalina, Gloria and Fabiola. 

IMG_1346Most girls (and women) ride their motor bikes in town,

IMG_1328 2Downtown San Blas, from the square


IMG_1335Estuary — San Blas

IMG_1340Cabins — Borrego Beach

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