San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico | Stoner’s Surf Camp

IMG_1362The beach from my favorite restaurant and “Stoner’s Surf Camp” 

This beach (Borrego Beach) has some of the longest surf waves in the world, free camping, and you can rent your surf board.  Of course, the mosquitoes and the jejenes are there too . . . but who cares! They have cabins with mosquito nets. Good food! Beautiful! I got a really good ride yesterday . . . bodysurfing.

IMG_1354Staff at Stoner’s: Hugo, Dona Rosa and Jose Manuel on front line. Left to right: Catalina, Gloria and Fabiola. 

IMG_1346Most girls (and women) ride their motor bikes in town,

IMG_1328 2Downtown San Blas, from the square


IMG_1335Estuary — San Blas

IMG_1340Cabins — Borrego Beach


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  1. Thanks Cveta, I have to warn you though. You need a mosquito net.


  2. Very very nice place !!


  3. San Blas is about 25 hrs. from the border. Camping is free, but you can rent a thatched hut for about 200 pesos ($15.00) Food is about $10.00 dollars a day–depends where you eat. You can also camp with wi-fi for about 15 dollars.


  4. HOw many hours from the border are you? What are the costs of staying and eating where you are?
    Thanks so much for sharing…..Roark


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