Lymphoma Cancer | A Treatment That Works

For some time now I have had the nagging suspicion that the reason we haven’t found a cure for cancer is because there is lots of money to be made in cancer research.  Why find the cure? Let’s make money. Then I found this article by Jamie Reno with information that is related.

“Imagine, if you will, that there is a remarkably safe and effective treatment for one of the nation’s deadliest and most common cancers that works better than any other available treatment. Now imagine, if you can, that doctors aren’t telling their patients about this treatment because they don’t make as much money administering this drug as they do other, less effective, more toxic drugs. This eerie scenario couldn’t possibly be happening anywhere outside a sci-fi screenplay, could it? Yes, it could.”

Do we live in an immoral society? Maybe?

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The Honduras Coup d’etat | Turbula | The Smoking Section | Jim Trageser

Apparently, there was no such a thing as coup in Honduras. According to an article I read in Turbula. It seems that the guy had been ordered out by higher powers. Excerpt:

“So now that both the United Nations and the Organization of American States have voted to condemn the “coup” in Honduras, could we spend a few minutes and review just what a coup actually is?

A coup d’etat is generally recognized as a military overthrow of a civilian government.

HondurasWhich never happened in Honduras. Instead, acting on an order from the Supreme Court – issued on a request from Congress – the Honduran military removed the president after he ignored both Congress and the Supreme Court and scheduled a referendum designed to make him president for life.”

“And the military never took control – they simply arrested and deported Zelaya, and returned to their barracks.”

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