The Honduras Coup d’etat | Turbula | The Smoking Section | Jim Trageser

Apparently, there was no such a thing as coup in Honduras. According to an article I read in Turbula. It seems that the guy had been ordered out by higher powers. Excerpt:

“So now that both the United Nations and the Organization of American States have voted to condemn the “coup” in Honduras, could we spend a few minutes and review just what a coup actually is?

A coup d’etat is generally recognized as a military overthrow of a civilian government.

HondurasWhich never happened in Honduras. Instead, acting on an order from the Supreme Court – issued on a request from Congress – the Honduran military removed the president after he ignored both Congress and the Supreme Court and scheduled a referendum designed to make him president for life.”

“And the military never took control – they simply arrested and deported Zelaya, and returned to their barracks.”

To read the whole article, and more:

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