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I have been a member of Jerky Direct for over three years and I can vouch for their good service. This is one of the best companies I have seen anywhere. If you like jerky I highly recommend it. This is why:

There is really no cost to join. You simply purchase two bags of jerky a month (beef, buffalo or turkey) at retail price ($12.00 plus $1.95 shipping) and you are in. The rest of your jerky you purchase at the wholesale price, and you get a free website.
The jerky comes from animals raised without hormones or antibiotics. It has no MSG and very few additives, so you are purchasing a wholesome product at a wholesale price. If you like beef jerky,  join us so that you can enjoy a great tasting jerky at a low price. Jerky Direct has over 25 varieties of delicious jerky.

What role can jerky play in weight loss?

Animal and plant proteins tend to trigger satiety (fullness). It’s difficult to binge on low-fat protein and get too many calories. That’s especially true if you combine protein, like jerky, with high fiber foods like raw veggies or salad. Protein breaks down slower than carbohydrates, so blood sugars enter the blood stream slower. That’s why so many diabetics love low-fat, high protein jerky for mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks.

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Interesting information below about insulin resistance and jerky by Dr. David P. Bowman from Idaho Falls.

“It may surprise you to see how people who are insulin resistant react to food. Those who don’t have insulin resistance watch them with wonder. They think their appetite is out of control. Why? Because those with insulin resistance don’t think about food like you and me. The out-of-balance chemicals in their bodies and their brains literally force them to think constantly about food. Whenever they get close to food, their natural instinct is to devour it. That’s how powerful insulin is in their body.

The advice from most weight loss systems is to snack on many small, healthy meals throughout the day, but the options for insulin-resistant people are limited. Their “small meals” mean a Cup-o-Noodles, donuts, candy…

Insulin-resistant people need slow-burning, high protein food to slow down the sugar conversion in their body and shut off the hunger chemicals. And they need it a half hour before they are hit with intense cravings or the temp-tations of a huge meal or party buffet.

The same thing is true for diabetics and people who are hypoglycemic. They all crave the empty sweets and starches. But these are the worst possible snacks for them. Their choices are very limited. Nuts and jerky are about the only convenience foods that provide the slow-burning natural fats and protein that will douse the hunger chemicals inside their brain.

But here’s a caution. Don’t wait until you’re ready to devour the whole carton of ice cream before you reach for a strip of jerky. Schedule the snack. Keep jerky in your car or desk drawer and reach for it when your brain sends its first message of hunger.

Most of us don’t understand how unreasonable our body’s hunger chemicals can be. They make us react in ways other people would never think of doing. This intense hunger must be controlled with habits that protect us from ourselves.
So stock up on a variety of flavors from Jerky Direct as a great weight-management hedge.”

“Why we don’t use corn-fed meat in our jerky” By Jerky Direct

“For the first time in history, because of cheap, subsidized corn production in this country, millions of animals are now raised in close confinement and fed on diets that are not healthy for them.

In these huge feedlots animals are forced to live mainly on corn, not grass. Why? Because it’s cheaper. Instead of grazing four or five years from birth to slaughter, animals are now brought to slaughter within 14 to 16 months. They are fed tremendous quantities of corn and an arsenal of drugs.

Animals can’t live on such diet for very long. It would blow out their livers and kill them. So they are bred and fed to get to slaughter quickly, and the antibiotics keep them alive long enough to slaughter. They would not survive on this diet without antibiotics.”

The meat from these animals is “definitely not right for your health” And the animals themselves live a miserable life.

“Jerky Direct uses only grass fed and/or certified organic beef not raised in these huge industrialized feedlots. The organic certification states that not only the animal itself, but its mother must have been fed an organic diet free from all the unnatural chemicals and additives.

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