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I just finished my first acupuncture treatment and I found it effective. It happened that I recovered recently from a dance injury to the plantar fascia (ligament running throughout the bottom of the foot). So I started practicing again, and apparently I went too fast too soon and sprained a ligament on my right knee. With three acupuncture sessions in two weeks I am walking, and even climbing stairs, without pain. The swelling is about gone. I should be back on the floor in a couple of weeks.

The Experience:

The treatment uses points in the meridian channels to stimulate the flow of energy and blood in your body, disolve the blockage at the injury location and speed the recovery process. The needles are inserted in specific locations. The insertion of the needles is usually painless (or with little pain) unless the acupuncturist misses the location and has to reinsert the needle. After the needles are in place there is no pain.

Each session is about half an hour long. For better results Lynn (my acupuncturist) also uses heat (a heat lamp) and herbs (Mugwort and herbal patches). She also shows you pressure points with which you can help yourself.

According to the Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine:

“In Chinese medicine mugwort, known as Ai ye or Hao-shu is highly valued as the herb used in moxibustion, a method of heating specific acupuncture points on the body to treat physical conditions. Mugwort is carefully harvested, dried and aged, then it is shaped into a cigar-like roll. This “moxa” is burned close to the skin to heat the specific pressure points. It has been used in this way to alleviate rheumatic pains aggravated by cold and damp circumstances.”

“A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported on the successful use of moxibustion in reversing breech birth positions. The study found that 75% of 130 fetuses had reversed their position after moxibustion treatment of the mother. The technique is said to stimulate the acupuncture point known as BL67, located near the toenail of the fifth toe, stimulating circulation and energy flow and resulting in an increase in fetal movements.” Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine by Clare Hanrahan

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