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I recently received interesting information from Titus Hoskins about how Google ranks our sites. If you have a website or blog you might be interested. Here it is:

“Lately, there seems to be a lot of information coming from the top search engine on the web. Google is becoming more transparent in how it ranks pages in its index. For webmasters like myself, this is very welcomed news.

Google uses 200 different ranking factors in its algorithm… any webpage that it ranks has to be filtered thru these factors. The more you know HOW Google ranks pages, the better you can prepare your site and marketing to match their expectations.

Google for so long has been very tight-lipped about how it ranks pages… it has been one of the major “beef” webmasters has had with
Google. Is all this now changing???? Maybe. Sometime in the not so distant past, higher board members or CEOs must have made a strategic change in HOW they would treat webmasters… who after all are really Google’s bread and butter!

It’s our products and content they’re dishing up in their SERPs… why bite the hand that feeds you! Maybe Google has finally gotten the “webmaster” issue right, just like have gotten so many other things right.

Those top Google executive members must have decided to deploy the troops in helping webmasters understand how Google ranks

So now you Google troopers such as Matt Cutts, Maile Ohye, among others… following orders from on high and opening up about Google and ranking.

Now, Google is not giving away the shop, but they are becoming a lot more open and straightforward in their answers many concerned webmasters have, regarding how their sites perform within Google.
Which can only mean less sleepless nights for webmasters around the world.

Now we are talking all “white hat” by the book SEO techniques here… how to build backlinks, how to optimize your pages, how to link out to
other sites, and the list of SEO methods goes on.

If you’re serious about ranking high within Google – this “Live Chat Q&A” will give you a lot of solid pointers. Check it out here:

o Marketing In Harsh Economic Times

Don’t have to tell you, these are very scary economic times no matter where you live in the world. What’s happening with the stock markets,
mortage meltdown, government bailouts…no country seems immune to all these perdictions of a looming recession.

What does an online do and how should you react to these tough times? So far, I haven’t seen much of a downturn in my own online sales yet, although there’s a slight dip in some luxury affiliate items that I sell, but believe it or not, there are still people buying
big-ticket items on the web.

But there has to be a slow-down in online sales…given all this bad news and how reluctant prospective buyers are becoming. So the real question remains – how do you market in these tough times?

Perhaps, you should look towards those industries that are recession-proof to find your answer. Look towards health care, education, renewable energy, environment, security, international business…
these areas the experts say are the most recession-proof.

Keep in mind, when things are tight financially, people look for ways to save money. It not exactly rocket science to understand that Walmart was one of the stores to see an increase in sales lately…
while most others are dropping.

For the online marketer, this could be pointing to areas where there are opportunities. You can look for bargain retailers, discount stores, coupon shopping… as areas where there will be more and not less economic activity.

Then you have all these workers who have lost their jobs looking for new ways to earn more income. You have retired people who will be looking towards the web to supplement their dwindling retirement savings.

Online education could be a major area of activity in the coming months as laid off workers upgrade their resumes.

Even Internet Marketing will probably see a minor boom as many people look for ways to earn a little extra part-time income. We could see major increases in online webinars and off-line seminars as experienced marketers take advantage of this opportunity to
teach others how to sell and earn on the web.

Since many people will be worrying about debts and bills – any financial courses, services and helpful programs will probably be very popular.

So too will software programs that help people cope with all this financial stress and worry. If you look closely, there should still be a
lot of areas for your online marketing could prosper. Just adjust your marketing to suit the times.

Here’s a really good example of what could do well in these harsh economic times.”

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