San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico | Stoner’s Surf Camp

IMG_1362The beach from my favorite restaurant and “Stoner’s Surf Camp” 

This beach (Borrego Beach) has some of the longest surf waves in the world, free camping, and you can rent your surf board.  Of course, the mosquitoes and the jejenes are there too . . . but who cares! They have cabins with mosquito nets. Good food! Beautiful! I got a really good ride yesterday . . . bodysurfing.

IMG_1354Staff at Stoner’s: Hugo, Dona Rosa and Jose Manuel on front line. Left to right: Catalina, Gloria and Fabiola. 

IMG_1346Most girls (and women) ride their motor bikes in town,

IMG_1328 2Downtown San Blas, from the square


IMG_1335Estuary — San Blas

IMG_1340Cabins — Borrego Beach


Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico | Travel Log

IMG_1300La Plaza de la Catedral

There was nobody there. I walked away from the memories.

I saw layers of humanity superimposed on each other throughout time, always here, always now! Energy in motion, constant flow, a pulse, the pulse of the Mind Essence, of the Spirit.


I met with my sister C___. She is doing well, a survivor. I might see her again, if the Spirit allows.

IMG_1305Guaymas Bay

IMG_1308Miramar Beach — Entrance to estuary

Montezuma’s Revenge | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Soon after I finish dealing with Montezuma’s revenge I’ll be out of Old Kino Bay; I tell you, it can be a dirty business. I have some nice pictures for you though:


I heard the sequel to The Hunger Games came out (Catching Fire); maybe the message will be clearer this time: The hunger games are here; our youth is fighting for the pleasure and profit of a few sociopaths. AE 9/11 Truth  According to an article in Yes! magazine, it seems to be the caseThe Hunger Games Are Real: Teenage Fans Remind the World What Katniss Is Really Fighting For  Maybe the kids will have the courage that the Occupy Movement lacked, and will face the evidence.


May the odds be ever in your favor

IMG_1282Feeding time, what safety?

IMG_1297My campsite

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