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“If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”

What I understand this quote to mean (please correct me if I am wrong) is that a Teacher can only show the way; the pupil most do the work. What the Buddha “saw” is what He saw; I will “see” it only with practice. A Buddha (Teacher) does not wants us to follow him blindly but to be Buddhas ourselves. Or to paraphrase H Gunaratana, your own practice (stillness) will get you to see, your own experience (seeing) is all that counts. Actually we are all Buddhas (enlightened) ourselves; we are never apart from the Source. It is the ego who pulls the wool over our eyes with explanations and dissertations and makes us act like nincompoops. Random thought is a trap that puts us to sleep; we just need to wake up.

Ultimately, “It” is within ourselves and all around us, right here, right now. All we need to do is “just see it”. Simple!

Death, My Guide | Death, My Advisor | Surprise!

I was recently enjoying the YouTube video “A Chorus Line”, and the dancing impressed me so much that I decided to learn more about the dancers. When I arrived at the biography of Gregg Burge, on Wikipedia, I sadly found that he had died of a brain tumor at the age of 40. His dancing had been described as ‘spectacular’, and after seeing his leaps and moves on his number “Surprise” I agree . . . spectacular!

The rest of the superb performers had changed drastically. Time takes its toll, and Death comes whenever our appointment is due. Life is but a moment in time, and then it vanishes. Death helped me to see . . .


I thought that I would be able to explain what I internalized upon finding out about Mr Burge’s death and the others’ change, but I am at a loss for words; this happens when we try to explain the unexplainable. But perhaps you’ll ‘see’ it between the lines if you pay attention, stop babbling  to yourself, and use your inner eye.

There is only here and now, and it never comes again. And we die but we don’t. It is a dream. Our nightmares materialize when our ego holds the baton. Random thought is a trap. Enjoy the dance! Enjoy the dream! Death is coming . . . perhaps today. Let it be your best day ever.

You Should be Dancing | Bee Geez | A Chorus Line

I was in the process of  doing a choreography for “You should be dancing” by the Bee Geez and, of course, I had checked John Travolta on “Saturday Night Fever” for ideas. I also checked “A Chorus Line”–superb dancing and performances. And then I found the blog of Carline; she has an incredible collection of musicals in it, from “42nd Street” to “Ziegfeld Girl”, with videos in many of them.

If you like dance or musicals you’ll love this site: Hollywood Musicals Enjoy! Dancing is a way to touch the Spirit.

Tsunami of Music | World Music News Wire | From India to Indonesia

Tsunami of Music

From World Music News Wire:

“On a beach, a fisherman pours his heart into a love song for his wife, taken by the sea. A worn but beautiful woman, at first shy and retiring, sings an unexpectedly passionate welcome. A couple selling trinkets to sun-hungry tourists opens an arresting trove of traditional instruments and plays them with astounding zeal.

On the shores of great tragedy and destruction, the sounds and images of the Laya Project reveal an abundance of life-affirming music made by ordinary villagers, sounds from coastal communities affected by the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, the Maldives, India, and Myanmar (Burma). Recorded on site during impromptu sessions over the course of more than two years in dozens of overlooked areas, the interwoven songs and tunes that became the Project span national, ethnic, and religious boundaries and reflect a unifying triumph of human resilience and creativity.”

More at: http://www.worldmusicwire.com

Jewish Music Festival, July 11, 10 | World Music News Wire

Maggie just sent me information about the coming Jewish Music Festival. There is an excerpt below that might make you feel like reading the whole article.

“The Festival’s mission has always been to present music that both celebrates Jewish experience in innovative ways and engages the broader community,” Shapiro reflects. “The outdoor events really explore what it means to be Jewish in the multicultural world and embrace what the Bay Area is about, as a hub of multicultural life.” This hub is home to a rich mix of local artists who will be performing in the park and are shifting the boundaries of what it means to participate in Jewish culture.

Artists like Middle Eastern percussion master Dror Sinai or artists like singer Kat Parra, who was mentored by Patti Cathcart of Tuck and Patti but who dove into the salsa scene, opening for major acts like singer Celia Cruz. At the same time, Parra began uncovering her family’s Sephardic roots, which she discovered worked beautifully with the Afro-Latin rhythms she had come to love. “It feels to me like a natural next step as the Sephardic music can be so vibrant and infectious in its melodies,” Parra explains. “The melodies actually easily fit within an Afro-diasporic rhythmic context, as does the timelessness of the lyrics.”

More info at: World Music News Wire

Video: http://youtu.be/rV9CjzrOuPo

Nomadic Remix | Song, Dance and Water | Tuaregs

Nomadic Remix

Frrom World Music News Wire:

“This sound, the hidden hum of the desert, was instantly picked up on by dubstepper Solar Lion. He added a sitar and brought the desert buzz front and center on his remix of the film’s “End Titles.” “You listen to this track and all of a sudden, you can hear it,” Von Koerber smiles; “the tone of the desert.”


“Instead of simply writing a check to charity, von Koerber is using her close ties to Tuareg community leaders to improve wells and purchase covers and new pumping systems as part of the Nomadic Villagers Clean Water Awareness Fund. This collaborative charitable initiative between KiahKeya Productions, the Indigenous Cultural Educational Center, and local Tuareg leaders featured in the film will make simple yet vital changes to improve daily life, yet not alter it radically from its traditional nomad roots.

Along with helping the bold and hardy people who captured her imagination years ago as she backpacked through her native Africa, von Koerber, herself a global trans-cultural nomad, feels the Tuareg have something valuable to give the world. “The Tuareg are nomads, and freedom is their music,” muses von Koerber. “The album awakens you to the nomad in every one of us. It brings you to that joy you feel in the desert, by getting you out on the dance floor. That joy is like water: we all need it.””

For the entire article visit: Permalink

Fishtank Ensemble | World Music News Wire | New Album

“Parked next door to a sandwich truck sits a hand-built, mule drawn “Gypsy wagon,” like an apparition from a bygone era, in the driveway of a contemporary hillside home in Hollywood, California.”

“Belonging to Fishtank Ensemble, it embodies the wild and wooly journeys of the band’s eclectic and eccentric members—vocalist Ursula Knudson, violinist Fabrice Martinez, guitarist Doug “Douje” Smolens, and bassist Djordje Stijepovic—who share a vibrant passion for unbridled creativity and music with Roma roots. The quartet with a quirky name blazes new musical trails on their new album, Woman In Sin due out May 11, 2010.”

More on this interesting group at: http://www.worldmusicwire.com

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