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Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to an exciting blog: World Music News Wire. It is a door to travel around the world with music:

“World Music News Wire provides high quality feature articles on world music artists and recordings to newspapers, magazines, websites, and other media outlets.”

An excerpt from one of their articles below:

“Israeli bassist Avishai Cohen is an alchemist at heart. Finding inspiration in musicians ranging from Bach to Stevie Wonder, Avishai can transform a tired Israeli school tune back into poetic gold. He can take the Sephardic melodies his grandfather sang in prayer, or his mother hummed while washing dishes, and make them groove. He can take a sinuous and spontaneous jazz bass line turn it into a top forty hit.”

He says:

Avishai Cohen

“When I was really young, Bach’s music fascinated me. He sustains two melodies at the same time, and one supports the other: Without one, the other can’t exist,” Avishai notes. “It’s like a fifth dimension that comes into play when I’m listening to and creating music.”

To read more see: World Music News Wire



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  2. Healing power of music, no doubt the universe! Especially 21 century that mankind’s step these days needs to be one of the most important remedy.


  3. Thanks to all.


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