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Decision made! I am out of GDI.

They asked me why I was cancelling… I had placed a post in the forum regarding the bad service and the lack of communication. I had sent a letter to the owners that was never answered. I received misleading and inacurate answers to my emails and phone calls; I was told once that a feature was working when, in fact, it wasn’t. As a matter of fact, I checked a few days ago and that web builder was still not working properly after more than two months of launching. But they asked me why I was cancelling. Are they in denial? I also see a lot of people recommending the GDI opportunity. Are they all in denial? 

I didn’t feel like going through explanations anymore; so I just mentioned the letter I had sent to the owners that was never acknowledged, and said that I was going to change my direction. They obligued me. My account was canceled immediately.

But you can still find the rainbow; I transfered it to this blog. Just look for “the rainbow” page. Enjoy! And please leave a comment.


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  1. Hi Young! Thanks for your comment. I placed your link so that people can see how GDI works and make a decision themselves.


  2. GDI is a poorly put together site hands down, and they really don’t deserve a responce of why you left. That was your choice!


  3. Thanks for your kind comment Sherri, and for the good tips in your blog. I will return.
    Yes, we should keep our integrity while doing business, even network marketing (lol).


  4. I found your website through apsense and really love your writing style. Marketing while adhering to your own dignity (5 thumbs up for you). I thought i was the only GDI hater, lol. I have seen Jerky direct but have not signed up for it yet, I will keep this OP in the back of mind, and will come back to join under you if I decide upon it. I also like the way you are concentrating on networking instead of search engines. I am experimenting also with gaining network traffic . Good luck


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