Arizona Law (Senate Bill 1070) shows Ignorance and Incompetence.

There is no law or wall that is going to solve the illegal immigration problem. The Mexican Border Fence is a waste of taxpayer’s money; both, the new fence and the law, will only create friction between the countries. The only solution to the problem is social justice. The pressure should be put on social reform in Mexico (and in the US).

There is hunger in many parts of Mexico. If the child below was yours would you risk your life climbing any wall? Of course you would. Erecting fences and implementing anti-immigration laws just show our ignorance, incompetence and immorality. This is morality: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

If he was your child...

Just across the border from El Paso, Texas

Photos from: Poverty, Immigration, And The Laws

To help you understand: A Vagabond in Mexico

Be aware: Everything is interconnected!


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  1. Thanks for your support, Eduardo.


  2. I appreciate your viewpoint — a bit different from mine but similar.


  3. Thanks for your comment Becky. We need the golden rule. We need to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.


  4. It is sad to see people treated so badly. The only thing wrong is where they were born, that’s through no fault of their own.


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